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Computing on the cheap with Amazon EC2

We here at the happy technologist tend to host our own servers, because we like it, and because we can. (We also speak in the third person when there's just one of us, but there's no accounting for some people). Nothing fancy, mind you... for now, a handful of websites are running on an Ubuntu virtual machine through VirtualBox on a Windows 7 (or maybe Vista, I forget) box that otherwise serves as a Media Center. It's actually simpler than it sounds.

Lately, though, what with the Heritage Health Prize and a lot of hours spent learning and playing with data mining techniques, the poor little server has been called upon to do much more intensive work. It's routinely running simulations and calculations all night long and it's really not built for that. The fan has started humming heroically (i.e. loudly), which isn't always best for a media center.

Noone wants their media center to hate them, or to catch fire.

Enter Amazon EC2. That stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. See how clever that is -- what they did with that 2 there? Rather than go "ECC", they just counted the C twice and made it like a math or a chemistry equation. These Amazon guys are some serious funny. I'm actually very impressed with the setup they have. There's a wealth of options for configuring the virtual servers -- public AMIs (preconfigured images) are available for most major software vendor platforms, from the expected Oracle, Microsoft, and Linux offerings to MicroStrategy, R, Elastic Bamboo, Citrix, and even BitCoin configured software. Public data sets are available should you need them, advanced storage, database, failover, clustering, networking, identity management, queuing, notification, and probably a million other things at pennies-per-hour prices.

At the moment, I'm running a simulation on a 20-CPU 1.6 Terabyte beast of a machine for $0.228 per hour. This is the sort of thing that infuses me with glee. It's easily outperforming my media center by 30:1.